The Festival

The Bramley & Little London Music Festival is the vision of Wendy Peagam, who has long admired the success of the week-long biennial Winchfield Festival, in its equally rural setting on the outskirts of Fleet, Hampshire.

Launched in July 2005, Bramley’s event aims to dazzle, surprise and delight its audience and has four principal objectives:

  • To bring beautiful music into beautiful St James’s Church
  • To provide a platform for extraordinarily talented musicians
  • To bring local music-lovers together, and
  • Having met its costs, to make a financial contribution to the upkeep of the fabric of Bramley’s ancient church

All who come to the festival – to perform, or to enjoy the performers – serve some or all of these objectives, and earn the gratitude of the organisers.

The festival is broadly classical with jazz and asks its performers to entertain, delight and reward their audiences.