Dispelling the myths of the Music Festival

I’ll have to listen to long unknown pieces of classical music.

Not at all. All the performers are instructed to entertain us and they usually play a mixture of short pieces, both classical and modern. They always like to engage with the audience so will chat to you about the music too.

I’ll still be sitting for hours in a cold church

The concerts aren’t long. Usually 45 minutes for the first part, followed by a short interval to stretch your legs, and then another 45 minutes. And the Festival is in mid June; it will be warm and sunny by then (hopefully!)

But the pews will still be uncomfortable

When did you last go to St James’s?  We have comfy red cushions on the pews now!

So it will all be over by about 9.15? That’s a bit early.

Well, you can leave then if you like but you will be missing out on the second part of the evening. After every concert complimentary drinks and canapés are served in Cross House, next to the church, and you get the chance to meet the performers (and even get their autographs!)

There’s not much parking at the church and it’s a long way to walk if you live in the middle of Bramley.

We are very grateful to Mrs Hall who allows us to us her farmyard as a car park. The farm is right next to the church and our trusty car park attendants will be on hand to show you the best place to park.

If you have any other questions or would like to buy tickets do please get in touch by email, phone or via the website or Facebook page

But I could have a barbecue instead.

Well you could, but how often do you get the chance to hear live, professional music in your village at such a low price?

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