Be a Friend

The fact that musicians of quality are glad to come to perform in rural north Hampshire suggests that the reputation of the biennial Bramley & Little London Music Festival is spreading. But there are, inevitably, significant expenses to be met.

St James’s Church has a rewarding acoustic; and, realistically, there is nowhere else in the immediate area that would be a better home for the festival. The problem is that the church can seat only 156, which means that we have to sell out every night.

Even if this is achieved, the financial situation remains tight. Which is why we ask those who applaud the concept of the festival and wish to help to ensure its continuation to become its extra-special Friends – at just £25 a head.

The names of our Friends appear below and are listed in the festival’s printed programmes, and we are immensely grateful to them, and to all who choose to join them.

Please think about signing-up. Talk to us via Contact Us or by ringing 01256 541251.

Friends of the Festival
Karen Bentall
Julian Boulter
So Young Boulter
Amy Crowther
Simon Crowther
Keith Dilliway
Linda Dilliway
Jo Dolman
Robin Dolman
Gill Evett
Ian Evett CBE
Marjory Glen
Nairn Glen
Richard Haslam
Sarah Hodnett
Priscilla Hungerford MBE
Peter Johnson
Sue Johnson
Mary Knowles
Jenny Large
Jonathan Large
Ann Lenton
Revd John Lenton
Eileen Littlejohns
Alex Marianos
Sarah Marianos
Dorothy Mason
Roger Mason
Michael Luck
Pam Luck
Anthony Peagam
Wendy Peagam
Ann Twine
Geoff Twine
Rhydian Vaughan MBE
Wren Vaughan
Andromeda Witchalls
James Witchalls