Bramley & Little London Music Festival
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Festival founder
Wendy Peagam

Festival administrators
Anthony Peagam
Rachel Barclay Smith
Jonathan Barclay Smith

Friends of the Festival
Delysia Hill
Heather Carne
Mark Carne
Julian Boulter
So Young Boulter
Priscilla Hungerford MBE
Philip Case
Lucy Bromhead
Richard Eldridge
Claire Eldridge
Phyl Davies
Kenneth Faircloth OBE
Troddy Faircloth
Gill Evett

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The 2015 Bramley & Little London Music Festival, on 11-12-13 June, was immensely enjoyable, selling out on two nights and exploring new musical directions.

The organisers thank
The brilliant a cappella group Apollo5
Euphonium supremo David Childs
Thrilling pianist Maite Aguirre
"Prince Charles's harpist" Claire Jones
Teenaged violin virtuoso Shoshanah Sievers

The Joseph Henry Jazz Collective
for three wonderful concerts - and of course all who attended the festival and worked to make it such an outstanding success.

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The biennial festival returns in summer 2017. Please direct questions about it to Jonathan and Rachel Barclay Smith at 01256 541251 and

Ian Evett
Sue Gates
Geoffrey Twine
Ann Twine
Lady Wallace
Alex Marianos
Jean Marmion
Rachel Barclay Smith
Jonathan Barclay Smith
Ranil Jayawardena MP
Carol Pettman
M E C Overington
Zander Greig
Pete Johnson

Sue Johnson
Ann Lenton
Revd John Lenton
Jo Dolman
Robin Dolman
Jennie Foot
Dr Mary Knowles
Nairn Glen
Marjory Glen
Sarah Hodnett
Arthur Littlejohns
Eileen Littlejohns
Karen Bentall

2007: pianist Evelina Puzaite

First night of the 2005 inaugural festival, with the London City Brass Quintet

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